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Foundation - ethics, integrity and trust.Control diagram shows, if a process has too much variation.

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What is quality? Dictionary has several definitions: etc., characteristic essential,.Some definitions that have gained wide acceptance in organizations: quality is customer satisfaction, the quality is fitness for use. It focuses principally on free satisfaction of both internal and external customers.Wednesday, Aug 06, 2012 TQM

TQM :- TQM is a management of quality, totally and fully in all respects, small areas and all activities of organization, right from top to bottom, TQM provides the overall concept that fosters continuos improvement in organization.Explore the importance of quality.

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Total Quality Management total quality management and continuous improvement management Total sense of quality management Total quality management quality is a...

Total quality management (TQM); Industry-specific standards: FDA and good.

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Total quality management of Adnan Khan learn explain the importance of TQM identify the expense of the quality objectives describe the development of TQM identify quality... Overall, it reduces cost, meliorate profits. TQM - total quality management.